Cameron Alborizan As Your Guru

 - Nov 20, 2008
References: camerongoodhealth & timesonline
OK, so I have strange taste in men and don’t find this man at all attractive, but I am strange, so normal ladies out there, this one is for you.

Former supermodel Cameron Alborizan swapped the catwalk for something with a lot more meaning. He is a spiritual guru and he is all yours for £20,000 a week. Oh yes, his magic, all yours, all alone. The start of this video is more "look at me" (featuring Madonna’s Express Yourself video adds to this) but then it gets to hardcore spiritual therapy and gets a bit odd.

I would rather gouge my own eye out with a spoon, but if things like learning ‘The Principles of Ayurveda’ with Yogi Cameron Alborzian are up your street, then read more.

Am I alone in thinking that if he were that spiritual, that he would be doing this for £20,000 a week? Rather amusingly, the female journalists love him.

Kate Spicer for the Times said "Cameron Alborzian’s ability as a therapist is not in question. It was an intense experience. Months on I still feel Alborzian’s steadying influence and take his advice pretty seriously. I am considerably happier. That is down to his skill as a therapist and his inner calm."

I can imagine her giggling and flicking her hair at the mere mention of his name!