The ‘Refresh Cap’ Reminds People to Drink Every Hour

 - May 30, 2014
References: ogilvy & designtaxi
Ogilvy Paris came up with a product called 'Refresh Cap' that helps keep people hydrated all day long. According to the company, a shocking 80% of people forget to drink water every day! Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water each day, so you can imagine what the population is doing to their health, just by simply not staying hydrated.

However, in today's fast-paced, workaholic-filled environment, it is understandable as to why people are pushing the vital liquid to the side. In order to counteract our dehydrated communities, Refresh Cap acts as a discreet alarm clock. It features a built-in timer that pops a miniature flag up every hour. The timer resets itself after every time you twist it shut.