This Hat is Designed to Reflect Electromagnetic Waves

 - Dec 30, 2015
References: shieldheadwear & kickstarter
'Shield' is a unique piece of headwear that is designed to reflect electromagnetic waves and radiation. Every day, consumers are exposed to the electromagnetic waves produced by transmitting devices such as cell phones, microwaves and satellites. This hat is designed for those who are looking for added protection against these pervasive signals.

Shield is a stylish and cozy toque, which is made out of a wire shielding mesh fabric that is infused with pure silver. The silver is woven into the material in order to help reflect electromagnetic waves. In addition to RF shielding, the silver also gives the hat antimicrobial, antibacterial and antioder properties. As a result, consumers can wear that hat anytime they wish to protect their head from electromagnetic waves.

The signal proof apparel provides a simple and stylish solution for those who are wary of the signals that have quickly become a part of our everyday lives.