FME Apparel Boasts Breezy and Elegant Everyday Wear

 - Apr 18, 2018
FME Apparel is a Melbourne-based fashion label that manufactures refined casualwear that is whimsical, bold, carefree and comfortable. The garments are produced locally with an emphasis on organic fabrics and poetic inspiration.

FME Apparel's refined casualwear collections are centered around great comfort and adorable style. For example, the peach Winter Stellar Pant offers a wide-leg fit with a slightly dropped crotch. Made out of linen, the piece would go smashingly with the similarly colored Buttoned Blouse that boasts a button-up design on the back.

The garments in FME Apparel's Autumn 2018 collection offer the perfect opportunity for consumers to support a small independent business, whose fashion merit is noticeably expressed in its clothing silhouettes.