The REEBOK InView Pedometer Fosters More Natural Use

 - May 24, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
One of the main reasons why people employ step counters is to encourage them to get around in a way that's natural for their bodies. The REEBOK InView Pedometer assists in a way that many do not, through a design that affords the user convenient reference.

Now, the sorts of people who are happy to walk their way to fitness generally don't have a problem with removing their gadgets, opening the covers and taking a peek at their tallies. However, Matthew Emeott's much more ergonomic and intelligent design keeps pedestrians from having to do so.

Like a skipping stone, the REEBOK InView Pedometer is comfortable to hold in your hand, but it has been designed, like others, to be clipped onto your waistband. With the digital screen facing up, you need only glance down for your stop count.