This Enchanting Red Bull Campaign Shows Flight Patterns Being Tracked

This Red Bull campaign brings a fresh and futuristic feel to the brand that's know for making consumers fly.

By employing "Jeffro," an acrobat who's known for his unique fluid movements, the brand appeals to those who have an adventurous side, which works with its widely dispersed sponsorships of sporting events and teams as well. The commercial that promotes this Red Bull campaign begins with cinematic shots of the athlete, who puts on branded gear before he steps into a dark high-speed wind tunnel. As he gets in, LED stripes on his suit are illuminated.

A dreamy song plays while he zooms through the air with ease, all while his flight patterns are being tracked -- which allows unique art to be formed in the darkness. Later, another athlete enters the wind tunnel and the two perform stunts together. With this, the Red Bull campaign promotes the brand's sponsorships while linking the movements of the athletes to the energy offered by its beverages.