This Sustainable Writing Tool is Made from Recycled Organic Waste

 - Dec 30, 2015
References: fabulaorganicpencil & indiegogo
'Fabula' is a sustainable writing tool that is made from recycled organic waste. While pencils are useful writing utensils, they require numerous resources to produce. This eco-friendly pencil provides a sustainable alternative for those who still prefer putting pen to paper.

Fabula is a sustainable pencil made from recycled organic waste. The pencil is partially composed of used tea-leaves and coffee grounds that are collected from local cafes. This mixture is also combined with discarded petals from florists. The recycled materials are then molded around eco-graphite to form a functional writing tool. The end result is a sturdy eco-friendly pencil with a delicate grainy surface. Because all of the materials are organic, the shavings from the pencil can be used as compost or buried to grow a new plant.

With coffee shops producing an average of 30kg of organic waste each month, Fabula provides a clever way to put these waste products to good use.