The Recycle Everything Campaign Effectively Supports Recycling

 - Aug 7, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
‘NYC Recycles: Recycle Everything’ Campaign is a collection of powerful, eco-awareness advertisements by Advertising Agency Grey in New York.

The ads focus on how important recycling is to help reduce the amount of waste added to the earth every day. With a white background, the colorful images definitely catch people’s attention. The images include an outline of a recyclable item made up of product and brand images.The amount of brands shown emphasizes the vast opportunity people have to recycle yet choose not to. Messages like, "recycled as a can, reborn as a can" hint at how just a simple act of recycling an make a huge difference.

The ads are simple yet make an impact, as they open people’s eyes to the fact that recycling is simple and starts with them.