MoodLite Let's People Share Their "I'm In the Mood" Feelings

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: kickstarter
Reconnecting couples can be a tough job for anyone, even for therapists trained specifically in this arena. Yet it could be as simple as simplifying the communication between husbands, wives and, of course, husbands and wives. BareRoot Group, a company based in Boulder, Colorado, has taken the task of reconnecting couples by introducing a playful red button with the common saying, 'I'm in the mood' written on it.

When used by reconnecting couples, the Moodlite, as its called, lights up a bright but warm red light to signal when one or both want to get it on under (or perhaps above) the sheets. Believing that clear communication is the secret to awesome relationships, the creators behind the Moodlite help make communication clearer.