‘A Restless Chairacter' Seating Lets You Rock When You Shouldn&

 - Mar 14, 2009
References: pepeheykoop.nl & yankodesign
This rebound chair is a seat made of rubber by Pepe Heykoop, and it's perfect for people who can’t sit still.

"The chair is made of a regularly solid material (wood or metal of some sort), while the joints and the skin of the chair are made of rubber," Yanko Design says. "You may bend and turn any way you wish, without breaking or busting. Don’t bend too far, however, as the chair has not been rendered fall-on-your-head-proof."

Well, this is practically cheating. Maybe the designer got yelled at for rocking back from the table in Aunt Maude’s finest Whackerback chair, and then rushed back to the computer and whipped up a design for a rubber chair. Or, rather, a chair with rubber joints to provide the opportunity of screwing around without the risk of breaking. He may also have been on shrooms, because he named his creation "The Restless Chairacter."