'Real Time WW2' Updates Like the Conflict was Being Fought Today

 - Oct 24, 2011
References: twitter
History enthusiasts have cause to rejoice after a user registered a Twitter account under the name 'Real Time WW2,' and is posting daily updates of the events that transpired on each day, 72 years ago.

Having consumed my fair share (and then some) of memoirs, essays and photo albums concerning the Second World War, any opportunity to gain more insight into the characters who controlled its outcome is more than welcome. The bad news: History Channel simply isn't doing the trick anymore. The good news: Real Time WW2 has been posting a play-by-play of the conflict which is expected to chart out every skirmish and clandestine meeting that occurred during the six-year war. For instance, on this day (October 21st, 1939) a new Roman Catholic Pope was inaugurated and promptly condemned Nazism and appealed for worldwide peace.

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