The Real Complainers Vote Campaign Asks People to Walk the Walk

 - Nov 1, 2012
References: takethirdstreet & ibelieveinadv
The Real Complainers Vote campaign gives Americans some tough love. Although it basically encourages people to complain, it tells them to complain constructively like an adult rather than a whining baby. With statements like, "Give a f*ck then give 'em sh*t" and "If you aren't complaining about something, you're not paying attention to anything," the print ads hope to open people's eyes when it comes to their duty as free people to vote.

Created by Third Street, an ad agency based in Chicago, United States, the Real Complainers Vote campaign sends another, more subtle message: Complaining can lead to changes, which is exactly what complainers really want, right? If people are willing to talk the talk, they should also walk the walk.