This Rat Series by Ellen Van Deelen Will Please Rat Lovers

 - Jun 23, 2013
References: redbubble & incrediblethings
Photographer Ellen van Deelen’s musical rats series is something rat enthusiast will undoubtedly go bananas for.

Deelen’s rat series showcases her pet rats, Moppy and Witje, playing with various musical instruments. The rats aren’t literally playing the miniature musical instrument, but simply posing with them—it would’ve been amazing if they were though. The musical rodent photo series showcases the many wonderful weird things a person can do with their pet rats in times of boredom.

Most pet depictions that are created by pet owners aren’t nearly as creative or as cute as this photo series by Deelen. Hopefully, this musical rats series by Deelen will inspire pet owners to recreate similar photo series with their housebound companions.