Elizabeth Patterson Creates Surreal Rainy Day Paintings in Rainscapes

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: eapatterson & thisiscolossal
Drawing inspiration from the glistening gleam of rain droplets as they streak across windows, blurring your vision of the world as they go, artist Elizabeth Patterson gets viewers to see their surroundings through the filter of water in her series entitled Rainscapes.

She expertly captures different scenarios where rain and water blur the lines between reality and imagination, turning normal scenery into surreal situations where details fade into the background. Some of the images portray driving through the rain, others show the gloomy weather through a rain-soaked window and some focus on just the water droplets as they land in intricate formations upon panes of glass.

Because of the artist's impeccable talents, it is next to impossible to differentiate the paintings done by Elizabeth Patterson in Rainscapes from actual photographs.