This Rainbow Loom Elastics Dress Sold on eBay for $300,000

 - Jul 23, 2014
References: rainbowloom & makezine
Rainbow Loom elastics have become all the rage for children to play with. These tiny technicolor elastic bands can be woven into a series of wearable items from jewelry to clothes. Recently a bidder on eBay sold a dress made entirely out of Rainbow Loom elastics for just under $300,000.

Helen Wright from Wales created this Rainbow Loom band dress while helping her 12-year-old daughter put together a project with the chromatic rubber bands. The dress, which fits Wright's daughter, allegedly has over 20,000 bands in its design. The rainbow-colored bands were stitched together to form this plastic spaghetti strap mini dress. The dress took Wright over 40 hours to complete. Wright put the dress up for sale on eBay for $85 and it quickly rose into a bidding war until the final price was listed at just under $300,000.