Matthias Clamer Photographs the Fans of Raider Nation

 - Dec 16, 2013
References: espn.go & stocklandmartelblog
Photographer Matthias Clamer has a shot a series of photos for ESPN The Magazine entitled Raider Nation: Behind the Makeup.

Behind the Makeup captures 23 die hard fans of the football team the Los Angeles Raiders as they normally appear in their day to day life and contrasts that with how they look in full costume, showing their team spirit and cheering on their favorite team.

The difference between these fans personal appearance and their sports alter egos is night and day. Dressed in their jerseys, covered in elaborate face paint and even adorned with outrageous accessories, these fans are unrecognizable come game day in their intimidating costumes.

While it’s all in good fun, I still wouldn’t want to risk messing with the people of Raider Nation.