The R Phone by Rafal Czaniecki Incorporates Clever Specs

 - Jan 8, 2012
The average consumer is drawn to a handset based on a brief description of its features, and these often prove to oversell the effectiveness of the gadget's functions. The R Phone by Rafal Czaniecki boasts the usual characteristics of a contemporary smartphone, yet it incorporates more souped up specs than your run-of-the-mill mobile phone.

Equipped to operate with Windows Phone 7, the concept device has been assembled with the intention of improving inefficient conventions of common cellphones. The side of the smartphone has been enhanced with a dedicated camera button to replace the awkward touchscreen standard and the power and lock buttons have been amalgamated into one. For a lot of extra bang, the R Phone by Rafal Czaniecki is curved at the ends to increase speaker area, affording much bigger sound than mobile phone users are accustomed to.