The Queen's University TeleHuman Telepod Creates 3D Interaction

 - May 7, 2012
References: hml.queensu & gizmag
If you have ever wondering when holograms like the ones seen in Star Trek would become a real-life entity, the Queen's University TeleHuman telepod has made that dream a reality.

While video chatting has becoming increasingly lifelike, conversing with a flat, 2D image of a friend or family member on a computer screen is still far from realistic. However, the use of six Microsoft Kinect sensors resting atop a cylindrical tube can project a 3D, holographic image of a person that moves and reacts like a real human for a conversation more closely resembling that of a face-to-face interaction.

Using three-dimensional camera equipment placed inside of the pod, a projection of the person is compiled with the aid of convex mirrors. The speaker then appears as a 3D image inside of the telepod to allow the conveyance of body language and a more intimate interaction between the two speakers.