Andrija Vecenaj's Queen Concept Fridge is Sculpturally Alienesque

 - Jul 10, 2011
References: & designbuzz
The beauty of unrestricted design is the endless possibilities that can come about, which is intriguingly illustrated by the Queen concept fridge. With an alienesque aesthetic, it does away with the rigid rectangular form of a traditional fridge and instead introduces more organic, saclike creations that can be scattered around the kitchen (or perhaps even the entire home).

Conceived by Croatian designer Andrija Vecenaj, the Queen concept fridge was inspired by everything natural, from grapes and soap suds to eggs and water. Mobile and smart, this design would make sure that the 'fridge' is never overcrowded or smelly while saving on energy.

Of course, the most captivating thing about the Queen concept fridge is its actual presence. Like an art sculpture, people would be completely mesmerized and fascinated by it -- although perhaps everyone will have one by the time you do.