You Can Now Officially Get a Python Massage in the Philippines

 - May 28, 2014
References: incrediblethings & geekologie
If you're squeamish about reptiles, you may want to stay as far from the Philippines as possible, as the country now offers python massages. As crazy as this sounds, you can now forgo getting your back rubbed by a trained professional in favor of a slimier and more natural approach -- an approach fraught with snakes.

The one thing most people know about pythons (other than the fact that they're frighteningly large and intimidating) is that when they get a grip on a person, they don't let go. Maybe in a traditional sense this would be a bad thing, but apparently in the spa world, that kung-fu grip is just the thing to relax a person.

It should be noted that this is happening at a zoo and not an actual spa, so buyers beware.