The 'Putpocketing' Campaign Aims to Make Brits Aware of Theft

British crime-fighting organization Crimefighters launched an ingenious campaign using 'putpocketing' -- discreetly placing leaflets in people's pockets and personal belongings -- to inform the public about the dangers of pickpockets.

"Putpocketing" is often used by ad agencies looking to promote a product, but the irony of using "putpocketing" as a means of promoting pick-pocketing awareness is pretty commendable and hard-hitting.

Crimefighters designed a series of leaflets designed to look like personal valuables including wallets, smartphones and iPads. The leaflets were then craftily placed into people's pockets and bags by a former pickpocket and a pair of magicians hired by Crimefighters' ad agency.

The front of each leaflet contained an awareness message that informed the "putpocketing" "victim" of the dangers of pick-pockets. For example, one of the leaflets was designed to look like an iPad mini, and contained the words "If someone can get an iPad mini into your bag, they can get an iPad mini out." The words were designed to look like an iMessage alert.

The back of each leaflet offers a link to the Crimefighters website where people can view videos of pickpocketing techniques.