The Purple Duck 'Bath Salts' Video Plays on Media Hype

 - Jul 30, 2012
References: purpleduckfilms & youtube
This Purple Duck 'Bath Salts' video takes viewers on an adventure they probably never wished to embark on.

Playing off of the media hype around isolated events blamed on a street drug known as "bath salts," this clip is a lighthearted but surprisingly violent take on the widely believed effects of the drug. Featuring a young couple taking a bath with actual bath salts, the video shows a woman ingesting the substance and going on a trip which starts off wonderfully innocent, only to take a turn for the extremely violent. Using a lollipop as the face of her companion, the video depicts how innocent the intentions of those under the influence could possibly be.

Hilarious, although definitely suited to a particularly strong-stomached audience, this parodic video is over-the-top in the best way possible.