GrowNYC and Riverpark Restaurant Open an Urban Garden in the Middle of Manhattan

 - Aug 8, 2011
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When it comes to nature or produce, authenticity is hard to come by in a concrete jungle like Manhattan but the GrowNYC and Riverpark project might change that notion. There are farmers' markets where you can buy products of local producers, but most of them are not all that local. "Regional" would suit those local producers better.

Recently New Yorkers started growing vegetables themselves but now there's an actual farm right in the center of Manhattan. Just a few blocks away from Empire State, Alexandria Center was the setting of the first pop-up farm.

The construction of the buildings surrounding this site stalled creating empty spaces due to the recession. The developer started to use the site for growing vegetables for the adjacent restaurant, Riverpark (you can still dine amongst the vegetables). Now the pop-up farm is used to grow vegetables in wooden crates, which makes it all very mobile.

Using stalled sites, this pop-up farm by GrowNYC and Riverpark mixes recession cool with local and eco-efficiency.

Implications - As resources grow scarce in this world, society needs to think of ways to make more efficient use of energy and space. This pop-up farm is more than just a gimmick, but rather, it shows that we can make better use of unused space and think differently about the way we traditionally conduct business.