The Puma Baton by Maynard Payumo is Inspired by Relay Racing

 - Jan 30, 2012
References: coroflot & designbuzz
Avid runners are going to want to check out the Puma Baton. The Puma Baton is a touchscreen MP3 player/heart rate monitor/GPS. The gadget was designed by Maynard Payumo to help runners track stats without having to carry around or clip-on multiple gadgets.

Listening to music and monitoring distance are two things all avid runners do. Normally these things are taken care of by two different devices. The Puma Baton aims to change all of that. The device is touch-controlled and is shaped like a track baton. The MP3 player can be clipped to your clothing or held in your hand like an actual track baton. The music player is still a concept, but don’t be shocked to see this device or something with features like it on the market in the future, especially considering the glut of hybrid gadgets being developed.