Mike de Leon's 'Public Dairy Consumption' Series Studies Human Thought

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: tropicalstufff & viceland
There's something about drinking milk outside on a hot day that might seem appealing, but the Public Dairy Consumption (PDC) series by Mike de Leon shows how some people, in the words of the photographer, "take it way too far." de Leon is what you might call a PDC-phobic, as the sight of public yogurt-eating or ingestion of any lactose-based foods makes him uncomfortable. He has captured images of PDC abusers -- or victims, depending on how you see it. Most are funny, but other images -- like that of a homeless man drinking a jug of milk -- make a case for PDC and give new perspective to the act. The image of a young man biting into a huge block of cheese is my favourite, as it seems both awkward for him and those around him.

The Public Dairy Consumption collection is a study in human thought and behaviour. It asks viewers why it seems so strange to drink buttermilk outside in a park, and makes a case for both the PDC-phobics and believers.