These Psi Czar Dog Grooming Ads Tame Tangled Fur

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
You know it's time to take your pooch to the doggy hair dresser when he begins to look like the messy illustrations in these Psi Czar Dog Grooming ads. When matted fur gets to this impossibly knotted state, you'll be pretty happy to hand him over to the professionals.

The Lowe GGK advertising agency of Warsaw composed these three prints in what appears to have been about a 30 second job. The aggressive doodles on paper may look to have required little talent in graphic design, yet there are several indicators that this campaign is in fact well conceived.

First of all, the scribbled sketches vaguely resemble a messy poodle, a shi tzu and a terrier. Secondly, these Psi Czar Dog Grooming ads demonstrate how often the simplest spreads communicate the most comprehensive messages.