The Prop Power Wrap Can be Wrapped and Clamped to Different Surfaces

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: quirky & fancy
The Prop Power Wrap enables you to bring power to the hardest nooks and corners.

Produced by Quirky, the gooseneck design of the cord gives users the flexibility to wrap the cord around different curves and bends. The Prop Power Wrap, which costs $20, comes with three outlets, and measures a total of six feet for the portable cord. The gooseneck design comes with the ability to wrap, prop and clamp the outlet down to various surfaces, such as metallic and wooden surfaces. The cord uses a combination of white plastic, cool gray rubber and conductive wiring, and measures 590.5mm in length by 48mm in width by 34mm in diameter.

The Prop Power wrap is especially useful for completing various household chores that may require close use of electronic tools but are not in close reach of a power outlet.