Political Action Figure Wars

 - Oct 1, 2008
References: jailbreaktoys
Jason Feinberg is the founder and resident artist of the Brooklyn, NY-based Jailbreak Toys. Feinberg painstakingly creates fun, collectible figures of historical icons from world science, art, literature and politics. His line has been called "Toys For Smart People."

Inspired by Senator Obama, Feinberg set out to create a figure in his honor and decided an ‘action figure’ most suited the candidate’s unique abilities.

And it is on fire.

Currently available at the Jailbreak website, Amazon.com and in over 400 retail outlets throughout the country, tens of thousands have purchased the 6" tall Barack Obama Action Figure.

In the sake of fairness, Feinberg also created a John McCain Action Figure. And while the artist has been marketing the Obama figure more aggressively, sales figures from outlets that carry both collectibles show that Obama is way ahead in the race for the Plastic Presidency.

The figure has also caught the eyes of celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Dana Delany who each purchased two "Obama’s" at the recent DNC in Denver.