The Prank 2012 Film is a Swing and Hit

Let the Prank 2012 video be a lesson: if you prank your friends, they will get you back ten times harder, and in this case 100 times harder.

To get revenge on his buddy Cal, who put an axe in the roof of his car, this guy (with the help of his pals) built a gargantuan axe the size of a house. He then brought Cal's car out into an open field and dropped the massive chopper, smashing the roof and shattering the windows into little pieces. Luckily, Cal had the pleasure of watching the whole scenario unfold as he viewed via Skype. There was even a slow-motion camera that brought the footage to a snails pace, as the windows exploded into tiny bits and pieces.

The Prank 2012 video is an example of how quickly prank wars can escalate and the dangers they can present; however, tomfoolery is always good for a laugh at another person's expense.