The PowerUp 3.0 by Shai Gaitan Digitizes a Traditional Toy

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: kickstarter & psfk
PowerUp 3.0 is a device that attaches to traditional paper airplanes to ensure they never crash. This little gadget would have come in mighty handy in the animated short 'Paperman.' At least, for the protagonists, not necessarily the creators. Yet some people might feel that PowerUp 3.0 takes the fun out of such a classic game. Those people simply need to look at teary-eyed toddlers who can't create a proper paper airplane to change their minds.

Designed by pilot, industrial designer and TailorToys CEO Shai Gaitan, PowerUp 3.0 is a long device that sports a tiny propeller, rudder and rechargeable battery. It connects to an accompanying app in order to let the user control the plane. PowerUp 3.0 is made out of a crash-proof carbon fiber frame.