This Futurist Transit System Requires No Power

 - Jun 29, 2014
References: wired
Israel Aerospace Industries is working with California-based SkyTran to build a powerless pod transit system on their Tele Aviv campus. Although magnetic pod system technology is nothing new, the successful implementation of a small test track, and its expansion into into a mass transit system, could greatly reduce the inner city congestion of Tele Aviv.

A larger system has the ability to shuttle as many as 12,000 people per track per hour, making the crowded metropolis a perfect guinea pig for the futurist elevated pods. Powerless and automated, the elevated pods float from inside the low maintenance magnetic tracks, requiring only an initial boost of energy to send the pod flying onwards. From launch, the pod can reach speeds of up to 44 mph. Simpler than hailing a taxi cab, passengers use their phones to call a pod and direct it to an exact destination. Questions of funding and slow speed times aside, it may be interesting to see how the application of this personal car and monorail hybrid would operate on a city wide scale.