The 'Snap Lamp' Portable Lamp Can Be Placed and Re-Placed to Suit

 - Dec 27, 2015
References: mariehesseldahl & blog.gessato
Design aesthetics and preferences change at the drop of the hat, so the 'Snap Lamp' Portable Lamp is designed to enable users to change up their lighting choices without having to rearrange everything. Designed by Marie Hesseldahl, the 'Snap Lamp' Portable Lamp works by featuring an ultra-modern clip on the rear where a base would traditionally reside. As such, it enables the lamp to be placed and re-placed effortlessly without having to worry about a secure spot to place it.

All that's needed to ensure the 'Snap Lamp' Portable Lamp is secure is a desk or other flat surface on which is can clamp. From here, the LED illumination system will provide crisp, refreshing light without sucking up loads of energy.