The Patrol Ultralight Aircraft is a Compact Portable Hang Gilder

 - Sep 17, 2013
References: newtech-enews & yankodesign
Combining design elements of a hang-glider and the propeller plane, the Patrol Ultralight Aircraft is an easy-to-assemble aircraft designed for swift, expeditious tasks. Designed by Kate Dekhtyarenko, the carbon fiber support frame looks ordinarily like a curved board attached to three wheels. The small, compact frame means that it can easily be loaded in and out of a vehicle, while the user can lay flat on the board for extended comfort.

Created for emergency situations like fire control or search-and-rescue missions, the Patrol Ultralight Aircraft only requires the support fastenings and the wing modules, once joined together, to be installed in order to take flight. Given the machine's compact nature, the user can lay flat on the board. The propeller is powered by a combination of electric, solar and petrol, making it an efficient and highly effective means of soaring across the skies for a prolonged period of time.