NYPD Developing a Portable Body Scanner to Make NYC Streets Safer

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: nypost & gizmag
The NYPD is developing a portable body scanner in an attempt to make the streets of the Big Apple safer. The device is designed to detect whether a person is carrying a firearm without an officer actually having to frisk them.

The scanner shoots infrared rays at a suspect. The rays cannot pass through metal, and when they do hit metal they give an outline of the blockage alerting cops to the possible possession of a weapon. The device has a limited range of about three to four feet, but the NYPD hopes to be able to expand the technology to have a range of about 82 feet.

A portable body scanner may sound like a terrible invasion of privacy, but it is actually a smart invention for both citizens and the police. Stop and frisk searches have long been decried as invasions of civil liberties. Additionally, asking a police officer to search a possibly armed person is as dangerous to the officer as it is invasive to the person being searched. A portable body scanner would allow cops to indiscriminately search large amounts of people safely and efficiently.