Porsche Engine Cylinders Were Used for These Luxury Wine Coolers

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: shop3.porsche & luxurylaunches
The Porch Engine Wine Cooler is the German marque's luxurious way of recycling; taking old car parts and rebooting them into luxurious everyday items. The Porsche Engine Wine Cooler is a wine cooler like no other; stripped down from its old duties as the origins of speed served up as the most sophisticated cooling system you’ll ever own. The cooler is crafted from a decommissioned Porsche that served its duties but could be no more.

The ribbed engine cylinder was literally removed and transformed into something so far off the automotive spectrum adding that extra unique touch. As if it wasn't already, it is a wine cooler made from an actual old car part. And not just any old car a Porsche, which is what makes this wine cooler such a hot item. This cooler comes with an aluminum base and has the signature Porsche Crest embedded, instantly adding some flash for your champagne.

Now since this lavish little item is far more than just your regular wine cooler you can imagine it goes for quite some bit of money, and $730 is just that bit.

Tis the season to start saving up. Enjoy your drinks and impress anyone you send into the kitchen for wine at your parties with the Porsche Engine Wine Cooler. The luxurious way to keep your wine cool.