Yakushev Grigory Combines Popular Logos with 'Angry Birds' Characters

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: designbolts
This hilarious mashup between 'Angry Birds' and popular logos by Yakushev Grigory is a wonderful parody of two incredibly popular themes. With iconic brands like Starbucks, Pepsi, Apple and Google, the fusion logos are an inventive look at how strong brand associations can be.

Designing a logo is one of the most important steps in creating a brand image. The logo will be what connects your brand with consumers minds and even the colors that you choose will have a powerful impact. Even with the logos being cleverly remade into Angry Birds characters, it's still really easy to figure out what brand each rework represents. In essence, the 'Angry Brands' parody is a mashup of pop-culture as both the popular logos and the Angry Birds characters are both large parts of this generations lives.