Poppy 3D Shows You All 3 Dimensions at CES 2014

 - Jan 7, 2014
References: poppy3d & wired
The Poppy 3D is definitely one of the coolest pieces of tech to come out of CES this year for pretty obvious reasons. With the ability to not only shoot still shots but video in 3D, this is a photographer’s dream.

The add-on doesn’t need batteries and simply uses optics to turn a normal Vine into the next Avatar. The possibilities are endless. Imagine playing a video game, recording it, and then watching it back in 3D. That would bring a whole new way to play and interact with media. The trick is in the optics; the Poppy 3D combines a left and right view to create a 3D view of a single stereographic image.

With this simple technology, it allows the makers to keep the price down. The invention won’t break the bank, and at $60, is actually cheaper than many of the other iPhone gadgets on the market. There are a couple of drawback to the Poppy 3D, but even those are minor. The bulk of the add on could be an issue but the design is sleek and isn’t too cumbersome. The other main issue is that it’s only for iPhone right now, but with the majority of the world trending to Apple, it’s not too much of a con.