Find Out What Pop Stars in the Office Look Like

 - Feb 3, 2013
References: phillucas & itsnicethat
Artist, writer and creative doodler Phil Lucas created a hilarious series entitled 50 Pop Stars in the Office as a way to picture some of the most popular celebrities as every-day working stiffs.

Not even trying to cover up the absurd Photoshopping skills, celebrity heads are placed on top of random pictures of workplace scenarios and given celebrity name pun titles. It seems ridiculous to comprehend ideas like 'Basement Jaxx sending a fax' or 'Paul McCartney at the Christmas party' because it's almost impossible to imagine extremely famous people performing normal tasks that the average person often goes through at work.

Finally, we can all see what would happen if there were Pop Stars in the office, except for the devious 'Slick Rick phoning in sick.'