Pomenergy Was Created for Athletes and Health-conscious Consumers

 - Dec 16, 2017
References: pomenergygel & packagingoftheworld
Pomenergy is a brand that offers "energy gels," an innovative new way to give consumers the nutrients they require as they go about their day.

The energy gels come in a variety of flavors, each of which is based in pomegranate. Flavors include a plain pomegranate, a pomegranate with coffee beans for a caffeine boost, a honey-sweetened pomegranate, and a pomegranate flavor with ginger. They don't contain any sugar or preservatives and are high in antioxidants, and their gel formulation makes them quick and simple to eat.

Pomenergy's ability to quickly deliver nutrients and energy makes them ideal for individuals who require frequent pick-me-ups throughout the day, or for athletes who require regular energy boosts.