The Neuroon Lets Feel Refreshed with Just Two Hours of Sleep

 - Dec 5, 2013
References: kickstarter
Sleep less and feel more refreshed with the Neuroon polyphasic sleep mask. This mask allows the wearer to adopt a polyphasic sleep pattern, which means instead of devoting 6-8 hours of each day to sleep, the wearer instead takes super power naps throughout the day that ad up to only about two hours of sleep a day, but they wake up feeling just as refreshed as they would with a regular sleep pattern.

The creators look to artistic and scientific geniuses and accomplished politicians such as DaVinci, Nikola Tesla and Winston Churchill, well known polyphasic sleepers who used all their extra hours for creative, political and scientific work. The Neuroon polyphasic sleep mask purports to allow the everyday individual to tap into their own creative outlets, and have more man hours to achieve their best.