The Polychrome Jacket Controls Body Temperature

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: polychromelab & coolhunting
The polychrome jacket is going to be one of the biggest new innovations for sports. The jacket is reversible and both sides do boast different temperature-controlling features.The polychrome jacket was developed by polychromeLAB and will help with maintaining an even body temperature.

When playing a sport, athletes often have warm up jackets or sweaters and also need to take cool-down periods between quarters, at practice or after games. This polychrome jacket does all of that by just switching sides.

The body heating side works by using UV rays, while body temperature is reflected back to the body. When worn for cooling down, the opposite is present and the material is reflective to such rays, keeping the body cool. Athletes will now have complete control over their body temperatures while playing their sports.