The Pokreation T-Shirt Gives the Creation of Adam a Geeky Makeover

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: threadless & technabob
The Pokreation T-Shirt is one of the few pieces of clothing guaranteed to bring both geeks and art history majors together. The shirt was created by Matte Teja and was inspired by Michelangelo's (the artist, not the teenage mutant ninja turtle) The Creation of Adam. Teja did some clever cropping with his design, zooming in so as to remove Adam and God and focus solely on their hands.

Instead of breathing life into Adam, God is giving him a pokeball! The close crop was more than likely done to avoid offending Christians/art fans, and it works like a charm. The focus of the Pokreation T-Shirt is on the pokeball and the hilarity of a Renaissance artwork being remixed to pay tribute to an anime series. The Pokreation T-Shirt is being sold by Threadless for $20.