Delsey's Smart Luggage is a Computer On Wheels

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: delseypluggage & gizmag
Delsey has unveiled a prototype piece of smart luggage -- aptly dubbed Pluggage -- that is outfitted with an array of high-tech features for increased safety, security and convenience. The bag's fancy features include fingerprint unlocking, location tracking and an embedded smartphone charging station. Since this is a prototype, Delsey is asking potential customers to vote for their favorite features, many of which will be included in the final product.

Some of the Pluggage's features make quite a lot of sense. They include built-in weighing scales to avoid those dreaded baggage overage fees at the airport, an internal light and of course fingerprint ID via a connected smartphone and companion app.

The Pluggage's companion app can also be used to keep tabs on your bag, know when it's been loaded onto the aircraft and check to make sure that it hasn't been opened.