The 'Please Leave' Pillowcase Account for Your Beer Goggles

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: fancy
The 'Please Leave' pillowcase will extricate you from the delicate process of getting a one night stand to leave your apartment.

Drinking a pint or six of beer will definitely impair your judgement, whether that means your questionable dance moves, decision to partake in karaoke in the age of YouTube or bringing someone home (again). We're all familiar with the concept of "beer goggles," a phenomenon that occurs when excessive alcohol consumption convinces you that the dude picking his nose at the bar is a worthy sexual conquest. If you're prone to waking up next to cringe-worthy individuals, then you may want to invest in this product. Emblazoned with the phrase, "If You're Ugly, Please Leave Before I Wake Up," this pillowcase will ensure that you don't have to make pillow talk with someone you wish was wearing a bag over their head.

Unfortunately, the success rate of this pillowcase depends on your conquest self-identifying as "ugly."