The D-CENT Platform for Democracy Engages European Citizens

 - Sep 28, 2016
This Europe-wide platform for democracy aims to empower citizens with technological tools. D-CENT is described as an "open-source, decentralized social networking platform for democracy and empowerment" that endeavors to develop and distribute open-sourced, privacy-aware tools.

Focusing on democratic participation and economic empowerment, the project is conducting large-scale pilot programs in European cities including Barcelona, Helsinki and Reykjavik. In an effort to differentiate themselves from other youth-engaging, civic networks, D-CENT builds on open standards to grow the community, functions off of blockchain trust for those running transparent schemes, offers data ownership to users and uses open authentication and distributed identity management. Research reports are available on topics like collective intelligence, complementary currency, democracy and tech standards for developing and deploying democratic tools ethically.