6 Sumptuous Dubai Resorts

 - Oct 12, 2007
References: mentalfloss
Dubai is the millionaire's playground. Consequently, Dubai is going through a luxury hotel boom. Each hotel spares no expense to outdo the other.

The Burg Al Arab started it all, with its wind sail shape and gold-plated everything. It's topped with a helipad, that will be converted to a tennis court in the future.

After a set of tennis under the blazing sun (nice breeze, probably) you can cool down with a ski run at Ski Dubai.

The Burj Dubai will be in the running for the tallest building in the world when completed.

The World is constructed of artificial islands designed to represent the continents.

Hydropolis is under construction - underwater - 60 feet below the surface of the Persian Gulf.

Dubailand is very much under construction and will be completed in 2010 at a projected cost of $10 billion.