The Donna Olivia Pizzeria Uses Playful Colors & Shapes to Sell Its Products

 - Sep 23, 2015
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Megalodesign created the unique pizza boxes and branding concepts for the Donna Oliva Pizzeria. The entire brand is presented with bright colors of yellow, green and orange.

The logo itself is designed in the shape of an octagon, which is also the shape of one of its pizza boxes. The brand also makes use of the classic square and rectangular boxes too. Overall, the bright colors become an appealing marketing tactic that draws in consumers with the inviting hues.

Each box, menu and logo is made with the use of all three of the brand's colors. By overlaying each color in different shapes, it creates a cohesive and fluid identity. The pizzeria is a strictly delivery-based company that markets its product through vivid displays, which shows the power of color.