This Artists Turns Famous Characters into Pixar Marvel Heroes

 - Jan 15, 2014
References: nerdapproved & mightymega
Artist Phil Postma has taken iconic Pixar characters and suited them up for a Pixar Marvel mashup. Characters such as Frozone and Mirage of the Incredibles become Nick Fury and Black Widow of Avengers: Fame and Mr. Incredible becomes Captain America, among others.

This Pixar Marvel Mashup is colorful and creative in blending two of Disney’s most lucrative branches of film-making. The heavy use of Incredibles characters in this Pixar Marvel movie mix is also apt as it blends two different sets of superheroes, and is especially apt in the blending of Frozone with Nick Fury, both played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Phil Postma shows his talent for blending pop culture and art with this fantastic pictures.