The Emergency Pipe Repair Tool is Easily Used to Instantly Seal Leaks

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: amazon & odditymall
A burst pipe often results in a lot of panic about water damage, so the Emergency Pipe Repair Tool is designed to enable homeowners to quickly cap leaks without the need for a plumber.

When a pipe bursts, the tool enables users to quickly clamp over it and stop it immediately without having to even turn the water off. This allows a plumber to be called without having to pay for costly emergency fees as the damage has been mitigated with the device.

The Emergency Pipe Repair Tool works by being placed over the broken section of the pipe; the watertight design instantly seals off the leak to prevent water from leaking out. Although effective, the tool is designed to be used as a short-term fix until a plumber can be called or the pipe can be replaced.