The Pingada Porcelain Cups Campaign Shows How to Drink Brazilian Coffee

 - Nov 16, 2012
References: ibelieveinadv
There is only one way to drink Brazilian coffee according to the Pingada Porcelain Cups campaign. While some people might assume they have to dance as they drink due to the passionate images, it is the coffee cups that are the true stars of this show. The coffee beans are simply rejoicing at the thought of being placed with their ceramic embraces.

Conceived and executed by 433 AG, an ad agency based in Curitiba, Brazil, the Pingada Porcelain Cups campaign reads, "The Brazilian way to drink coffee. Pingada, porcelain cups." Art directed by Ivaldo Ferreira and Sômolo Silvestre Salvador with creative direction by Bud Distefano, the ad campaign was illustrated by Gustavo Santos Silva. Fun and playful, a person will never make the mistake of drinking out of another cup again.